1. How can I volunteer for Engineers in Green Actions – Africa (EGAA)?

    Volunteering is one of the most rewarding and meaningful life changing experience where one feels that he/she has put a positive impact on a particular community or Country. During this volunteer work, one gets to discover what you really like or dislike, learn new skills, acquire practical knowledge and new experience, develop confidence and improve human relations. Whether you are a student or not, please see FAQs No.3 with answers also meaningful to both volunteers and student interns. For further information, go to home page of this EGAA website, click volunteering/internships and grab if this opportunity is for you?

  2. How can I support Engineers in Green Actions –Africa (EGAA)

    Through volunteering for our Programme in Africa, Fundraising, Spreading the word about us (EGAA) online in social media, friends, family etc. Another way of supporting us is by buying or shopping the Jewelry and Crafts :beads, bracelets, bags and quilts made from local or recyclable African materials that are not detrimental to the environment. This is under our JC4C2 ( Jewelry & Crafts 4 Climate Change ) interventions under the Environment and Climate Change Program of EGAA. For more information, go to home page of this website for EGAA, click Programs. All proceeds go 100% to support this JC4C2 Project in this Programme. For more information on support us, see the Support Us menu on home page. Thank you?

  3. Are there any opportunities for volunteers or Student Interns in the Engineering, Environment and Advocacy Campaigns, Accounting, etc at Engineers in Green Actions - Africa? What are the benefits?

    It is a Big Yes !!! It is our responsibility to provide such a wonderful environment for both local, national and international students to have opportunities for volunteering or internships or industrial training with us . If you go for these opportunities, it will give students (or non-students) the following benefits:

    • Expand your cultural horizons. Traveling or stepping out of your comfort zone will automatically change your perception of the World out there by realization of an expanded horizons through understanding and appreciation of another culture ,making new friends and discovering new skills/talents.

    • Long range plans. Volunteering or Internship with EGAA will allow you to test out your interest in your chosen area hence ability to develop long range career plans.

    • GPA and Paid wages. Students or volunteers enrolled potentially show increased academic performance with better GPA. Where, the program or project is designed to support wages to volunteers/ student interns, this will increase your University/College tuition affordability since you will get paid.

    • Gain Problem Solving and Flexibility skills. By traveling internationally in a group to a developing country in Uganda/Africa, some difficult circumstances is challenging and in solving the problem or handling the situation, Interns or volunteers will develop overall maturity by strengthening resourcefulness, problem solving skills, self confidence, self discipline and sense of responsibility which even a million dollar money can't buy.

    • Professional Human relations. Volunteers/Interns will develop human relation skills through interaction in career settings or set up.

    • Practical work: Volunteers or Interns acquire practical knowledge outside the classroom/lecture room.

    • Meaningful experience. Volunteering or Internship provides a broader, more meaningful work experience better than somebody hired from the street.

    • Outstanding Resume. At Engineers in Green Actions-Africa (EGAA), volunteering /Internship is very much rewarding for both Engineering and non-engineering volunteers by boosting your resume/CV by issuing a certificate to acknowledge your deep involvement and success hence driving you out of mediocre status for high possibilities of being hired.

    • Job Interviews. For those who are student volunteers/Interns, EGAA will also help teach you how to write a resume/curriculum vitae and techniques to adapt during job interviews in the boardroom.

    • Be our Ambassador. Once with us, you will always be with us i.e. our Ambassador out there. The friendship and professional networking will be kept alive to see what can be of mutual interest to you and EGAA many years down the road. We will be your reference (the bridge) or even invite you to apply for our future job openings after your internship.

    NB: For more information on areas/types of volunteer opportunities. Go to EGAA home page, click volunteering?

  4. How can I get a job/vacancy with Engineers in Green Actions-Africa (EGAA)?

    Engineers in Green Actions–Africa is an equal opportunity employer with a nice working environment. Please look at the job openings on our website. Go to home page, click About EGAA and scroll to Careers/Jobs. We wish you good luck to join our team? Cheers!

  5. How can I get in touch with someone from EGAA about my donation?

    Please send us email at : or feel free to call us on Tel No: +256 717 311 622

  6. I don’t want to make my donation to EGAA by credit or debit card. Is there any other option to make my donation?

    The following options are available:

    • Cheques or Postal orders can be sent to:
      Engineers in Green Actions-Africa,
      Plot No.2 JP Abe road ,Kirombe
      Custom Corner,
      P. O. Box 361,
      Gulu District,
    • A bank wire transfer/ TT is another option. Send us e-mail at: or call us +256 717 311 622 and we will provide you with details of our Bank Account for the Organisation.
  7. I want to leave a bequest or a gift in my will for Engineers in Green Actions Africa. How can I do it?

    To leave a bequest or a gift in your will for Engineers in Green Actions-Africa is a very big and powerful way of showing to us, your family, friends, relatives, in-laws and the world that you really understand our vision and mission as EGAA and that your action is manifested very loudly and proudly in supporting an empowered society where people/communities live with knowledge and capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change ,protect biodiversity and tackle poverty by its horns to see it end. For more information about how to do this, please contact us on EGAA website or send e-mail to: Call: +256 717 311 622

  8. Who founded Engineers in Green Actions –Africa and how did it get started?

    It was founded by Fredrick Ocaya Bese and his other professional colleagues on 16th March 2012. You can read more about this on this website under Founder’s Story and that of Board of Directors of EGAA.

  9. What is the Vision and Mission of Engineers in Green Actions –Africa?

    Vision: An empowered society where people/communities live with knowledge and capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change ,protect biodiversity tackle poverty by its horns to see it end.

    Mission: To promote and contribute to development in Africa through Climate change mitigation, Adaptation and Research while working with Central Governments, Local Governments, Civil Society Organisations, The United Nations(UN), Community groups, Universities and Rotary Clubs

  10. What is the source of financing/funding for Engineers in Green Actions-Africa and how transparent is it?

    The organization gets money through donations from individuals, starting from Board members , fund raising and preparing Project proposals for funding from Grants from reputable Organisations, Foundations or Corporate bodies. However, EGAA will not obey interests of the donor as long as it not the truth, not fair, does not build good will and not beneficial to all concerned or associated with terrorists.

  11. What should I do if I want to open an Office in my Country for Engineers in Green Actions–Africa (EGAA)?

    This is a welcome idea in spreading the word, fundraising and Identifying with a cause (climate agenda) that is big and relevant in the face of the world and all its citizens. Our Board of Directors will propose this by putting it on an Order paper to be discussed and approved by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is organized once a year. We will then get back to you soon.

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