Climate Change and Environment

Climate change is not a joke, it's real although there are some deniers causing confusion. The United Nationís Secretary General once said , "it is a major and overriding environmental issue of our time and the single greatest challenge facing environmental regulators". The increased manifestation of climate change in Africa and the World is a growing crisis with direct impact on the economy, health, safety, agriculture, infrastructure, security, etc. This global crisis canít be ignored and we at Engineers In Green Actions-Africa (EGAA) recognize the importance of a concerted effort by various stakeholders like the UN,UNFCCC , African Union(AU) ,Local Governments, Central Governments ,Regional Governments, International Communities and Companies in this noble cause. ...Read More

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

According to United Nations Environment Protection (UNEP), more than 2.5 billion people lack access to modern sanitation which has put them at risks of diseases. Over 800 million lack access to dependable access to clean water. In Africa, several people in communities, especially the women trek long distances and wait for hours at the water wells daily. We propose to develop more green water infrastructure systems which is more resilient to climate change. How will we do it? In our water intervention, we will always want and approve solutions that are friendly to the environment and promotes climate change resilience. ...Read More

Agriculture, Food Security and Ecological Farming

According to USAID, over almost 1billion people go hungry every night and about 200 million of them are children in developing countries in Africa. Agriculture is one effective way of reducing poverty. Most of these people who go hungry are small holder farmers (majority are women) who make a living from Agriculture. More than 75% of poor people live in rural areas. In 2008, there was an extreme increase in food prices in the World which consequently prompted G-8 Leaders in 2009 in L' Aquilla, Italy to assume new position by investing more in Agriculture hence strengthening efforts to reduce under nutrition ,hunger and poverty. ...Read More

Green Infrastructure Developments

Many buildings/construction of Government Infrastructures like Health Centers, Primary and secondary Schools, Colleges, Office administration have been a big challenge because of poor building designs with no consideration for materials consumption, beauty, sustainability, energy consumption and environmental impacts. ...Read More

Education Support Programme

John Dewey once said, "Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself"
Through Education, Children improve their minds and character. Although education can be self gained, we strongly encourage that Teachers, Parents be involved in imparting the knowledge to the children or pupils, high school and University students. An educated person can easily make a decision which is independent hence ability to choose between right and wrong, much better than the uneducated folks. Civilized mannerism and good way of talking is more common to the educated people than the ones who did not get the same chance of being educated. ...Read More
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Climate Change and Environment
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