You are most welcome to support Engineers in Green Actions –Africa (EGAA) in many ways for such good causes.

We can count on you in the following ways:

  • Spread the word: by telling everyone that you know us. Take a few seconds to join our online community and start sharing about us. (Put the icons for facebook, twitter, U-tube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc below here)

  • Wish List: This is a list of items that we need for our Volunteers’ Guest house in Gulu and for direct project support. When you donate any of these items, we will supply you with a tax- deductible receipt for your in kind donations. These items includes but not limited to:

    • Guest house for Volunteers: Mattresses, Pillows, Beds, Chairs, Cooking stencils, Kitchen electricals like water heater, coffee maker, Radio, TV for news and two computers.

    • Program/Project Support to Schools/Health Centers: Solar Panels of any Watts, Solar Batteries, electrical wires, Television Screen for education programs, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles to ease transportation issues.

  • Other Ways to Give:
    • For your birthday, ask friends, relatives, in laws to donate money to EGAA in lieu of gifts.

    • Include Engineers in Green Actions –Africa (EGAA) in your will.

    • Make Engineers in Green Actions –Africa , a beneficiary of a lifetime Insurance policy.

    • Donate your estate(s) to EGAA

    • In kind gifts like : Professional services, equipments, Office space

    • Donate airplane miles for EGAA volunteers and staff for their work.

  • Corporate support Companies are welcome to have the opportunity to be corporate supporters in advancing our mission and vision so that they are relevant to a cause that transforms disadvantaged communities. A company can support us through its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in levels shown below:

    Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor EGAA Corporate Individual Friend/Family > or = $15,000 Annually > or = $9,900 annually > or = 4,900 annually > or = $440 Annually Companies can also support our projects /Programs by in kind gifts of items like water tanks for schools, building materials, solar power equipments, fuel etc to reduce our operational costs hence maximize on project/program support.

  • Benefits to corporate companies includes but not limited to:
    • Positive publicity. This makes the society/communities and the world gets to know more about the company that is getting involved with us since we have many supporters nationally and internationally.

    • Staff development and retention improved. Many company staff feel proud to be involved in a CSR as a new task different from the usual assignments. They also feel that the image of their company is massive hence attracting new talents and retentions

    • Global outlook. A company that participates in CSR develops a global outlook about an improved societal set up where it feels responsible in addition to the networking opportunity.

    • The EGAA Identification factor. The companies names, logo are displayed in our events worldwide and website. The company is also featured in our annual sponsors summary. Additionally, any company in the levels of gold, silver, bronze and EGAA corporate friend can have an opportunity to award a price to our annual carefully selected communities, schools, societies in a national function.

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