You can volunteer in any of our Programme for weeks, months or years. You don’t have to be an Engineer or Technician or Engineering student to volunteer.

How can you benefit from Volunteering or Internships with Engineers in Green Actions –Africa (EGAA)?

There are many reasons for the Volunteer Expeditions or involvement in Africa. By stepping out of your comfort zone , you are giving back to humanity in another part of the World in a developing Country like Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya ,etc. If not anything, you will be the first to tell us that it was a substantially rewarding experience of ‘‘ giving back’’ to the less fortunate peoples of the World by being somewhere different from the traditional choice of Hotel Resorts on the beach /Ocean. It can therefore be conclusive that you are ‘‘ travelling or seeing the world with the following purposes"

  1. Expand your cultural horizons. Traveling or stepping out of your comfort zone will automatically change your perception of the World out there by realization of an expanded horizons through understanding and appreciation of another culture ,making new friends and discovering new skills/talents.

  2. Long range plans. Volunteering or Internship with EGAA will allow you to test out your interest in your chosen area hence ability to develop long range career plans.

  3. GPA and Paid wages. Students or volunteers enrolled potentially show increased academic performance with better GPA. Where, the program or project is designed to support wages to volunteers/ student interns, this will increase your University/College tuition affordability since you will get paid.

  4. Gain Problem Solving and Flexibility skills. By traveling internationally in a group to a developing country in Uganda/Africa, some difficult circumstances is challenging and in solving the problem or handling the situation, Interns or volunteers will develop overall maturity by strengthening resourcefulness, problem solving skills, self confidence, self discipline and sense of responsibility which even a million dollar money can't buy.

  5. Professional Human relations. Volunteers/Interns will develop human relation skills through interaction in career settings or set up.

  6. Practical work: Volunteers or Interns acquire practical knowledge outside the classroom/lecture room.

  7. Meaningful experience. Volunteering or Internship provides a broader, more meaningful work experience better than somebody hired from the street.

  8. Outstanding Resume. At Engineers in Green Actions-Africa (EGAA), volunteering /Internship is very much rewarding for both Engineering and non-engineering volunteers by boosting your resume/CV by issuing a certificate to acknowledge your deep involvement and success hence driving you out of mediocre status for high possibilities of being hired.

  9. Job Interviews. For those who are student volunteers/Interns, EGAA will also help teach you how to write a resume/curriculum vitae and techniques to adapt during job interviews in the boardroom.

  10. Be our Ambassador. Once with us, you will always be with us i.e. our Ambassador out there. The friendship and professional networking will be kept alive to see what can be of mutual interest to you and EGAA many years down the road. We will be your reference (the bridge) or even invite you to apply for our future job openings after your internship.

NB: For more information on areas of volunteer opportunities. Go to EGAA home page, click volunteering in Africa ?

Fundraising for Engineers in Green Actions –Africa

  • For you to help our programs with fundraising, we have some tools to help you reach your goal. First, join our face book page and recruit friends/students and co-workers to like the page.
  • Host a party like birthday or plan a fundraising event for EGAA. Your creativity, passion and wild ideas are welcome and we are ready to hear from you.

    You can also just host a fundraising party or event or even hawker (walk sell) for our special program called JC4C2 i.e. Jewelry & Crafts for Climate Change interventions. In this program, you can sell the Jewelry ( beautiful personal ornaments) and Crafts (beautifully handmade ) like beads, bracelets, bags, head scurf, necklaces, ear rings etc which will support our Program of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Africa under the JC4C2 Program. Your buyers are potentially: fellow students, workers, families, interest groups, etc. In this role, the successful volunteers stand the greatest chances of a lifetime opportunity to travel the thousand miles to visit and volunteer in Africa with most expenses paid for about two weeks or more. You can also go to home page, click shop and see the various items in catalogue and support us by shopping.

NB: You need to complete the Volunteer Interest form to set up your fundraising page/account and e-mail to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Volunteering or Internship opportunities in Uganda /Africa with EGAA

  1. What are the examples of the activities a volunteer will do when in Uganda / Africa? Click on the volunteer interest form and see the many activities to choose from.

  2. What age is acceptable to volunteer? Anyone with sound mind and good health ,aged 13years or more. You will need to fill the volunteer interest form. Those kids under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent (s). You must also be eligible to enter the country where you want to volunteer.

  3. How can I apply to join the volunteer team. Just download the volunteer interest form, fill and email it to: engineersgaa.org and wait for the response in less than 24hours. The Board will vet your application for the legality of its purpose.

  4. What is the cost of volunteer expedition in Africa? Why should I pay to volunteer? It costs $1,700 (One thousand nine seven hundred US dollars) for the usual 13days (about two weeks) which will be spent on your feeding, transportation on ground, water, snacks, hotel/lodging , project implementation expenses and a 2days Murchision Falls National game park viewing. If you are staying for a longer time (months or years), the costs will be relatively cheaper. In the game parks/Safari, the volunteers will be treated to original looks of African animals (elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalos, wild pigs, antelops etc) and many birds species in their natural habitats. Also, there will be a boat ride to see the famous Murchision falls, named after the then President of the National Geographic Society of Britain/England. Remember that in 1909, even Theodore Roosevelt came hunting all the way from America to Murchison game park ,costing a whooping $1.8m by then. Who knows how much it would cost him today, if he were to rise back for hunting on arrival of Jesus Christ on earth today? Volunteers have to pay for this cost because there is no external funding but the project is supported by the volunteers themselves.

  5. What costs are NOT covered in the Volunteer expedition cost? Airport meals , Air Ticket, gifts, travel medications, Travel insurance, souvenirs, Visa from Immigration on arrival ($50),Shots and beer or "booze".

  6. Can I fundraise for my own travel costs? Yes, volunteers can raise funds for the costs of travel easily from family and friends. EGAA will give you a support letter to raise funds to that effect after setting your fundraising goal. Please get in touch to access the full fundraising ideas which will ensure that you reach your goal. All the money you raise will go to cover your trip expedition as you serve humanity. Most volunteers allow time for fund raising of upto 6 months.

  7. Is it possible to help arrange with Air fare/Ticket and travel insurance at cheaper rate? Yes, as EGAA ,we have already contacts and will work with you to arrange reliable cheaper air fare and travel insurance from any part of the World to Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia or DR. Congo in Africa.

  8. How should I prepare to travel to Uganda (The Pearl of Africa)?

    Uganda is one of the greenest Countries in Africa with beautiful biodiversity. You must have a valid citizen’s Passport , drink bottled water only (Rwenzori and Aqua Sipi are recommended bottled water). For Ladies, it is culturally recommended that you wear Skirts that span below your knees. The official language is English and if you know English, you are already prepared. Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, named Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

  9. Will I be met at the Airport on arrival?

    Yes, our In Country of EGAA will definitely meet you at the Airport and usher you into your accommodation.

  10. Can I travel alone too ?

    Yes, If you are ready and serious, you can be approved and the rest is history.

  11. Where will I stay for the Night while in Uganda /Africa. You will stay in the EGAA guest house or smaller hotels which may have internet or warm water.

  12. Can I travel with my partner for the Project? Absolutely, Yes to couples! You can travel with your sweetheart as you do work/volunteer. Enjoy the experience.

  13. What will I feed on while in Africa?

    Uganda is endowed with some of the World’s sweetest organic food. You will enjoy the fresh organic Chicken, Tilapia fish, fresh beans, and greens like: dodo, Malakwang, boo, cabbages, okra, egg plant and breakfast list is long with eggs and various vegetables. There are also Western Restaurants which serves sandwiches ,burgers and excellent coffee brands, so keep your taste buds on standby if that is what you want.

  14. What is the money transactions like?

    The Uganda money money is called shillings (written at UGX). One US dollar ($1)is exchanged for about 2500 UGx. This can be done on arrival at airport. Also you can just carry your ATM Card and withdraw changed money in Ugandan currency.

  15. How can I take care of my Medical Health?

    The following must be taken seriously:

    • Drink only bottled water, it is safe. Do not buy or eat food on streets.
    • Eat properly cooked food, approved by EGAA team leader.
    • Visit your Doctor early enough before travelling to Africa for vaccinations and malaria drug prescription.
    • Sleep under a mosquito net (provided by Hotel)
    • Use recommended insect(mosquito) repellent especially during evenings.
    • Anti-malarial drugs should be taken on schedule as advised by the Doctor.
    • Avoid any relationships while on the trip since HIV/AIDs is very high(averagely 7%) with other regions up to 12%.

  16. What are the recommended vaccinations?
    • Yellow Fever vaccinations. You must get vaccinated against yellow fever before getting into Uganda. Carry your yellow fever vaccination card along your passport while at Immigration.
    • Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. These are a series of vaccinations.
    • Tetanus, Typhoid and Polio booster (if any)

  17. Should I respect people and their culture?

    Yes!! It is important because you can learn a lot from the African culture and they can learn too from you. You need to be tolerant and listen more .

  18. How can I be in touch with family and friends while in Africa?

    There are cheap phones (under $27) and fair phone network coverage that can make you call your loved ones back home with ease. If you have a phone, the sim card costs less than one dollar ($1). Thank you for your interest at EGAA, please get in touch via email from: engineersgaa.org

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